State-Of-The-Art Laboratoriess

At SupraNaturals, we believe innovation is fundamental to our customers' long-term success. It's the reason we have an undying commitment to scientific research. Through science, we assist our customers with the development of innovative products that aren't just superior, but that dramatically outperform other products on the market.

We have invested heavily in the most advanced, state-of-the-art scientific equipment available to modern science. And we match that level of commitment with experienced personnel who are dedicated to developing cutting-edge products which meet the ever changing needs of consumers in the retail and MLM markets.

Featured Equipment:
  • ICP-OES - Mineral Quantification
  • HPLC'S - Vitamin and Active ingredient Quantification
  • Auto Titration
  • Viscometer
  • Full Panel Micro including most common pathegans
  • Elemental Analysis including Heavy Metal Testing
  • Discinegration
  • Thin Layer Chromotography for identification of botanicals
  • FTIR Chromotography for identification of non-botanicals